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April 30 2015

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All my Darkest Dungeon fanart for today. This game……… aesthetic so right……

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Pasquier, the plague doctor. God, I love Darkest Dungeon.

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you mean pecan is ………… not…………pronounced pee-can ……..

my cowboy spurs rattle ominously. the sun is high over my head and i tip my cowboy hat as i spit my shewing tobacco. banjo music plays in the background. in a southern drawl, just barely loud enough to hear, i whisper “no you fucking yankee its peh-con

the fuck is a pehcon 

pehcon deez nuts

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April 29 2015

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getting some sick FPS on my new SLI setup

that’s a crossfire if ive ever seen one

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Here Spot, here boy by Valerie
Hyenas are, IMO, the coolest African animal. The first time I realized this was watching a TV special. They came upon a pride of lions and their kill, after much posturing, they actually chased the lions away. How many animals would even approach this scene much less come away victorious.

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tiny nerds

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it’s like

we all know that the government, the united states government, has done shady, immoral, often illegal shit

we know this for a fact because the documents where they go into excruciating detail about these operations from experiment withholding medical care on black men in tuskegee to attempting to blackmail MLK into suicide, to the entire existence of COINTELPRO, etc., etc., 

this shit is documented and everyone accepts it as the historical record but the second you even imply that the government might still be dong the same shit it has done literally since it’s inception people write you off as a conspiracy theorist

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every single day i am ASSAULTED and BESIEGED by this DISGUSTING HARASSMENT

that said, the ps4 still has more good games than the xbox one

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the ps4 and its game

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tiny cute strong cute

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Watch the Baltimore Police LIE and get called out by a reporter for The Guardian. 

Technically the BPD didn’t lie, a group of criminals did set the fire.

both my phone and my main monitor are 1440p and going back to 1080p on my other displays or having to drop back to something even lower is Endless Suffering

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Whoa! This is the tea I’ve been waiting for.

oh my god

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Happy Anniversary, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (04/28/10)

“We fight because we are needed”

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