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April 30 2015

i just

cant comprehend a single graphics card

No, just two 970 FTWs

not exactly what I wanted when I started out but once the 4k standard becomes an actual standard and the costs of monitors in that resolution goes down I’ll snap up a titan or something with equivalent power for an upgrade

I just dropped $2200 on hardware to build my new computer I feel physically ill but also extremely pleased

pay 59.99 for this new game. Or pay 79.99 for the special edition pre-order and get the exclusive in-game Skullfuckstroyer only @ EB Games or get the 99.99 collectors edition w/ exclusive day 1 dlc announced a full year before release or get the standard edition and pay 49.99 for the digital season pass or wait two months for the GoTY edition to be 9.99 on steam

or just fly out to our corporate HQ and just start sucking every dick in the boardroom, because either way you’re getting fucked in the mouth today

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There’s a lot of health insurance advertisement on Tumblr mobile these days do they

not know who uses Tumblr ??



I just learned that there’s a man who shops at trader joes in Seattle and buys things in bulk and then transports them up to Vancouver to his own store called “pirate joes” because there are no trader joes in Canada. He’s gotten banned at some trader joes because of this and sometimes has to put on disguises to shop and he even hires people to go shopping for him and it’s like a secret mission. He even has a van that says “grocers without borders” and trader joes has sued him and lost. My favorite part of this is that this whole situation could be easily fixed by trader joes opening a store in Vancouver and hiring him

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rough digital sketch for an acrylic painting i’m workin’ on

There hasn’t been a new fallout game in fifteen years but people still make fanart and fics of it and that’s incredible.

I bet Hatsune Miku owns stock in Dominos Pizza now.

me, talking to my beautiful wife Quiet from MGSV: TPP: everything your scope touches is your kingdom

my beautiful wife Quiet from MGSV: TPP: ….

me, still talking to my beautiful wife Quiet from MGSV: TPP: a sniper’s time as reaper rises and falls like the sun. One day, Quiet, the sun will set over yourn perch here, and you’re going to find out that the infrared illuminator technology we rely upon for target acquisition in a night-time battlefield environment has drastically limited range, especially in these forward positions where regular field-maintenance of mobile illumination units is impractical and the installation of larger fixed-position illuminators is unfeasible

my beautiful wife Quiet from MGSV: TPP: …

me, talking to my beautiful wife Quiet from MGSV: TPP: Everything.

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crashes to floor

@sienna arg is alternate reality game, every since halo did ilovebees everyone has had to ride that social media marketing sick at least once


tired of hearing about how saturn is the most fuckable planet just because it has the most rings. jupiter is clearly the most fuckable planet, and trust me, i’ve already heard your “oh the great red spot is an std” jokes, and i don’t care. and btw, the logistics of fucking the rings of a planet don’t make any sense. have fun trying to put your dick through a bunch of jagged rocks and ice, you piece of shit

Watching TPP’s wildly convoluted but still shallow ARG play out while game journos desperately report it as actual news is a fun way to numb the pain that is Konami.

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Dark knight? why yes I love armor

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